The Serious Seasonal Transformation Challenge 2023

The Serious Seasonal Transformation Challenge is back for 2023! 

(Never did think of a better name)

Fancy entering the festive season feeling amazing after smashing your training and nailing your nutrition?
First things first…this ain’t your typical cookie cutter challenge…‘Here’s your 7 day training plan, 6 hours cardio a day, enjoy an evening meal of 3 almonds and half an apple on Wednesdays’
We will work WITH YOU to develop a training and nutrition plan that works for you and ensures you get the most out of your challenge!
The challenge is aimed at everyone!
Whether you’re a beginner looking to feel better in time for the festive season or an avid gym goer in need of a goal to aim for and some encouragement along the way!
Each challenger will receive...
✅ 8 weeks of full online coaching
✅ Training plan designed around you and you’re lifestyle
✅ Personalised nutrition programming & coaching
✅ 24/7 access to coaching in exclusive members group
✅ Weekly 1 on 1 check in
✅ Results…look and feel amazing in time for Christmas!
All for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day…and not even a nice coffee! I’m talking crappy, freeze dried, burned in a polystyrene cup style!
The 8 week Challenge starts October 23rd and will be £100 for the 2 months of full coaching!
Fancy finishing 2023 by smashing some goals?
If you think this may be for you, or you have any questions...You can hit us up in our Instagram DMs and we can get a signup form to you! Contact here
or email us at...
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