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Primal Core II is the premium 5g daily pre... without the need for creatine and beta alanine that can often make up 8g plus of your 10g scoop. This 5 g scoop pre is packed to the rafter of active ingredients and more than enough to get the job done.

Primal Core II is all you need for you day to day training session when a kick in the right direction is called for. It maybe minus the heavy stim ingredients but with 200mg of Caffeine, 300mg of Aplha GPC and 50mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract there's more than enough to get you focused on what needs to be done.

The inclusion of Taurine (1.5g),  750mg of Tyrosine and 50mg of AstraGin make this a very well balanced allrounder. A 5g scoop product has rarely been this detailed or premium.

So if you need a break from Primal AF, simply want to keep it's potency or are new to pre workouts...Primal Core has all bases covered. And at just 75p per serving and 40servings... it's more cost effective than ever!.

Dosage Recommendations


Take 1 scoop. enjoy the benefits of a focused training session & a serious energy boost!

*Gym bro* 
Take 2 level scoops for a more intense training session.


Serving Size 1 scoop 5g
Servings per container.
                                   Per Serving
Taurine                        1500mg
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine      750mg
Alpha GPC                   300mg
Caffeine                        200mg
Olive Leaf Extract         150mg
Pink Salt                       75mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract  50mg
Astragin                        50mg