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GORILLALPHA brings you Ultimate Intra Pump the ultimate non-stim, all-in-one, intra-workout pump matrix that includes clinical dosages of the latest ground breaking patented ingredients to maximise your workout and reach your true potential.

A highly dosed EAA blend sits alongside a super dosed pump formulation that includes Glycersize™", Nitrosigine® and $7° all with clinical trials and performance evaluated in studies. Our energy blend is powered by Palatinose™, a tested, naturally sourced smart carbohydrate, and Senactiv® an ingredients that supports energy production. The two combined will allow a steady and sustained release of energy throughout the workout without any unwanted peaks and crashes. Hydration is also a key factor in a workout so we have carefully designed a blend that includes Cocomineral*, Himalayan Pink Salt and a well dosed electrolyte combo that will give you the upper hand against cramping and fatigue.

Not only is this product loaded with top ingredients but like all Gorillalpha products it also tastes superb! With easy-to-mix 25g servings and multiple flavour options, Ultimate Intra Pump will be your go to everytime!


Please note, our new Intra Pump may clump slightly in the tub. This will not effect the mix-ability and the effectiveness of the the product… CLUMPS = PUMPS 😉!