Mountain Joes Protein Bar

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Are you ready to try your new favourite protein bar? 

A creamy core bursting with crunchy protein crispy pieces, soft, delicious with 4 ridiculously good flavours.

Raspberry Ripple
A raspberry fudge centre packed with protein crispy pieces, topped with a sweet caramel layer, all wrapped in indulgent-tasting ruby chocolate and sprinkled with juicy strawberry pieces.

Caramel Biscuit
A creamy caramel biscuit core bursting with crunchy protein crispy pieces layered with luscious caramel dipped in a delicious golden coating finished with irresistible biscuit crumb.

White Chocolate Salted Peanut
A decadent white chocolate fondant tops a buttery peanut base crammed with protein crispy pieces, all wrapped in low sugar white chocolate, generously scattered with roasted peanut pieces.

Chocolate Candy Cream
This low sugar milk chocolate bar topped with iconic chocolate candies, boasts a rich, creamy, cocoa fondant-topped textured chocolate centre packed with protein crispy pieces