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Murder your workout with ScrEAAm by Murdered Out!

Its time to murder the competition with our brand new, high-quality Pre- Intra and Post supplement, ScrEAAm. Designed to exceed the needs of fitness fiends, gym goers, and sports-pros everywhere.

ScrEAAm is packed full of high-quality amino acids that are designed to take your physical performance to the top and beyond. Helping you to build muscle quicker and recover faster. We know you are hell-bent on maximizing every second of every workout you do, but to do that, you need to feed your full potential, ScrEAAm out the pain, and get past the demons in your head!  Don't just beat the competition. MURDER THEM! 

Benefits: *Contains both BCAA and EAA *Maximizing protein synthesis *Supporting lean muscle *Improving glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity *Decreasing post-training soreness *Preventing muscle breakdown *Promotes electrolyte replenishment *Increase mitochondrial biogenesis ? ? ? ?