Naughtyboy Hydramind 30 Servings

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NaughtyBoy®️ Hydramind is where NaughtyBoy stamps its second foot firmly into the hydration market.

This time we bring with it a whole new aspect along with it. Here we bring the whole original well-loved and best-selling formula of our original hydration, you know the one, the one with 2400mg Electrolytes, added Pink Himalayan Salt, Taurine, Creatine, MitoReds®️ that includes MitoPrime®️, and Selenium.

Well we decided to add MORE! We added Nootropics like Uridine, Cognizin®️ and brand new Tiger Milk Mushroom to boost cognition and brain health.

We know electrolytes are essential to life, we know we probably don't get enough of them for optimal functioning, we know we should consume more nutritious foods containing them, having the piece of mind that one scoop of hydration is skyrocketing you towards the right direction is sure enough to allow your mind to rest knowing you are on your way to functioning more optimally, this is why we created our hydration formula, we provide 24000mg of electrolytes per scoop, which is incredible! Along with adequate sodium and a great dose of magnesium, We opted for a higher dose of Potassium, for many reasons including the cardiovascular benefits of potassium (it seems highly protective against circulatory disorders such as cardiac arrest and stroke) but also, we as a team know we don't get enough potassium but we all get enough salt (we love salty foods). So we opted to design a formulation not to throw random ratios of electrolytes in, we wanted to create a formula that would be most applicable to most lives.

We added in (because we are NaughtyBoy®️), Creatine monohydrate to help with cognition and electrolyte balance (When creatine is absorbed it pulls water in with it, causing cells to swell), Taurine to help with cellular hydration and also helps with anxiety by activating GABA receptors (wahoo), and MitoReds®️ that contains 30 super reds plus the addition of groundbreaking MitoPrime®️ (L-Ergothioneine).

Now here comes the NEW Nootropic side to Hydramind, we added 250mg of CDP-Choline in the form of Cognizin®️, which is a highly bioavailable precursor to the beloved acetylcholine. Research on Cognizin®️ shows that it improves attention, focus and memory, improving overall cognition and mood, one secret of Cognizin®️ is that provides Uridne to our system too!

We added extra Uridine as our next ingredient because we love it so much! Uridine has many functions that provide brain health but also it has been shown to release dopamine which makes us feel great! Have greater focus motivation and sense of well-being! And finally, we have Tiger Milk Mushroom A first for many of you, Tiger Mushroom is amazing for our brain health, you may know and love Lions Mane mushroom for its ability to increase Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), but Tiger Milk Mushroom mimics NGF directly and stimulates the receptor NGF does to trigger neuroplasticity without relying on endogenous NGF! This is revolutionary for brain health! But it doesn't stop there, it can also improve immune function and respiratory function too!

Tiger Milk Mushroom is an industry first in Hydramind and we couldn't be more proud to bring it to you. Unwavering in our never-ending commitment to taste, effectiveness, innovation and price point, NaughtyBoy®️ Hydramind is an expression of just this and is available to buy now.