NXT Nutrition TNT Nuclear Glyco-PWR 1.8kg

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Carbohydrates are the one nutrient that the majority of athletes seem to be confused over.

Eat the wrong kinds at the wrong time, and they can ruin your performance and the way you feel. But consume them in the right manner, and they can skyrocket your performance and recovery.

That’s what TNT Nuclear Glyco PWR has been designed for.

The most powerful - and effective - source of carbohydrates ever developed, TNT Nuclear Glyco PWR contains cyclic dextrin, a unique carbohydrate in its ability to be rapidly assimilated by the body yet provide prolonged, intense energy and recovery throughout workouts and after the gym.

Designed to be used before, during, or after training, TNT Nuclear Glyco PWR is an innovative product that all serious athletes can benefit from using around their training sessions.

Not content with just a superior carbohydrate source, we’ve also topped it up with an intelligent electrolyte blend to combat dehydration and prolong performance, in addition to a small amount of fructose for efficient glycogen replenishment post-workout.

For a superior form of energy, TNT Nuclear Glyco PWR is the product you need to be looking at to take performance to the next level.