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Sometimes, when weights are heavy, you need assistance to keep your wrists and tendons safe. And this is not about having a spotter behind you. First, be sure to wear the right accessories, weight lifting wrist straps made of heavy-duty materials. Believe it or not, they can make all the difference in your power training.

The purpose of our weight lifting wrist bands is to release some pressure while providing support for your joints and muscles during a workout. They are easy-to-attach and maximise safety when you’re doing pressing, pushing or overhead exercises.

In addition to wrist protection, our wraps provide a better grip. You can adjust their tightness level so that they are placed comfortably to reduce slipping and chafing. Loop them around the bar and then roll it towards you to make sure the straps are attached properly.

  • Secure assisted grip – Build your target muscles while holding on long enough. These weight lifting wrist straps will improve your natural grip by helping you maintain it until you finish your exercise. Strength gains and reduced trauma risks are guaranteed.
  • Suitable for personalised wrapping techniques – It’s up to you whether to loop the weight training wrist wraps around as tight as possible or loosen them up a bit. Rest assured: they won’t cut off circulation, making sure nothing gets in the way of your blood flow.
  • Designed for easier wrapping – With Generise wristbands for power-lifting, you won’t have to spend much time attaching straps to the bar. They come with elastic thumb loops for a snug fit and effortless wrapping. Available in the 18" by 3" size, they are must-have helpers for both men and women.
  • Maximised stability with no skin irritation – Poorly designed straps may not only decrease your grip strength but also cause rashes. This is not the case with our accessories. The combination of cotton, polyester and elastic proves to be the best to boost your comfort when you’re lifting weights.
  • Can be used for many exercises – Think of these wraps as wrist protectors for weightlifting, pushing and pressing exercises in particular. Loop them around to prevent sprains and ensure a secure bar grip when doing deadlifts, cleans, squats, etc.

Releasable velcro closure – No matter how challenging that lift might seem, this feature will add to the solid support of your wrists and forearms.

Product Dimensions - 18 inches long, 3 inches wide. 1 pair.

Material: Cotton, Elastane/Spandex