Strom Sports Nutrition EssentialMAX EAA + ACTIGIN

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EssentialMAX (EAA) 

Storm have chosen to omit tryptophan which as a precursor to 5htp can cause sleepiness (so is often only included by some brands in minescule doses) and replaced it with L-Alanine which while being a non essential amino acid, is involved and depleted in the production of energy from blood glucose - this makes it a useful inclusion intra workout - especially if being used along side a carbohydrate supplement. 

The formula:

Servings Per Container - 30
Serving Size - 15g

3g leucine
2.5g Isoleucine
2.5g valine 
1000mg beta vulgaris 
L-Lysine 500mg 
L-Histidine 500mg 
L-Threonine 250mg 
L-Methionine 500mg 
L-Phenylalanine 500mg 
L-alanine 250mg 

B vitamin complex