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Alien8 is not only a premium supplement brand, it’s a community. We are here to provide the best nutritional supplements for people in all walks of life. From your every day gym user, to your world class athlete - we have you covered.

Our supplement range is being built out on premium ingredients, fantastic flavours with a price point you can afford. Male or female, our products are intended to guide you towards reaching your goals.

We know it’s daunting at times feeling like you don’t fit in, feeling confused or lost on your journey, feeling alienated in life. We hope we can be your outlet, your go to lifestyle brand to make you feel a part of something, and we can build together to succeed in everything you desire.

Probably the best tasting EAAs around...

We dont like to brag so try for yourself, they're super popular for a reason.

Keep yourself fuelled and hydrated throughout your workout with a panel like no other. Every ingredient serves a purpose without ripping off you, our loyal customer.

Alien8 Essential Amino Acids consisting of 7.4g Essential Amino Acids and 7g Non Essential Amino Acids.

Full Electrolyte profile

0g Sugar