Xplosive Ape Don't talk to me Pre Workout

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DON'T TALK TO ME Pre Workout 
300g - 30 Servings

This is one for you stim junkies & thrill seekers.
Buzzin on a budget, BANG for your buck,
pound for pound heavy hitting pre without breaking the bank
We welcome you, to the DONT TALK TO ME WORLD!

To our loyal Xplosive family this will not be new for you,
DONT TALK TO ME stems from the origins of the brand as one of the stand out designs that has lasted through time, still serving to be one of the most popular in our history

Now we take it to our supplement arm, but we needed a product that deserved the DONT TALK TO ME words on it. Our formulation team worked hard, 6 months of hard work in fact to create this strong, evil, spine shuddering pre that will not only fuel your workout, but take you on a journey. A journey that only you can navigate with great excitement & feel.

Enjoy the ride....